Olivier & Amandine

Olivier Rio, founding member of the first danse company Salsabor in Paris (France), started as a Salsa / Mambo dancer and instructor, after being trained by Cliford Jasmin, Eddy Torres, Frankie Martinez, Susan Sparks, ...

In 2004, he received intensive training from Jordan Frisbee et Tatiana Mollman when they came for the first time in France for a convention aiming at developing West Coast Swing in France.

When back in Paris, the first classes open and that’s how it started. It’s also during this convention when Amandine, who had been trained in Modern’Jazz style for more than 10 years, becomes fasinated by the technique and the strength of these two american dancers.

In January 2006, those two frenchies will appear for the first time at the first edition of the West Coast Swing Dance Festival in Paris. Amandine and Olivier kept improving and exploring the West Coast Swing palette, with the instructions from various american pros such as John Lindo, Mary Ann Nunez, Christopher Hussey & Katrina Branson, Parker Dearborn & Jessica Cox and more recently with Michael & Dawne Kiehm, Patty Vo, Luis Crespo, Deborah S Szekely & Robert Cordoba

With class, style, kindness and precise movements, they transport you in their universe with generosity. Cute and lovable, this "parisian street urchin" couple is among the best french dancers recognized and apreciated within the West Coast Swing community. Each year they are presented in many events in France alongside the best american dancers.

Maxime & Virgine

Virginie and Maxime began dancing at age 5. Coming from rock’n’roll and boogie, they progressed in more artistic styles such as jazz, ballet and contemporary.

They’ve received the upmost advanced training at the Conservatoire National Supérieur and obtained both their degree in technical skills for teaching.

They met with West Coast Swing in 2007 and progressed in this style godfathered by the most talented instructors such as Jordan and Tatian, Kyle and Sarah, ...

They are among the best West Coast Swing dancers in Europe. They won the UK open and the Midland (England) in 2010 and many other international competitions such as boogie by the bay, …